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Welcome to AdPirate Safelist

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Treasure Chest Full Of Effective Email Advertising That Combines
Both a Safelist and Text Ad Exchange ALL Into ONE!

What Is a Safelist?
A safelist is an email list that is focused towards advertising web sites, online promotions, business opportunities and more. The AdPirate is an Advertising Co-Operative, as all members agree to receive advertising emails from other members. It benefits advertisers by allowing them to forward ads to a large number of potential customers (AdPirate members) without having to resort to spam. It benefits AdPirate members because they are rewarded for viewing the ads.

What Is Different About AdPirate?
This Safelist Offers your more than just sending Credit Emails and Setting Up Banners. This is Unlike any Safelist you have been a Member of. You can also setup HTML/Text Ads, Traffic Links, HotLINKS, SuperSOLOS, SoloBUCK$, PTC Ads and so much more, many of which you will find available on many Text Ad Exchanges. Just like on Text Ad Exchanges, you will Earn Credits for Viewing many of these Advertising Options as well. Also NEW Here at AdPirate Safelist is most of the Advertising available here at AdPirate Safelist can be Purchased using your Credits.

What Is The Advantage Of AdPirate?

  • It's Free!

  • AdPirate Credit Based System encourages members to view ads through a reward system of receiving advertising credits.

  • AdPirate Lottery Program encourages members to view ads by providing a link on randomly selected ads leading to a large number of bonus credits.

  • More ways to Earn Credits here at AdPirate then most Safelists. You can Earn Credits from Credit Emails, Solos, SuperSOLOS, Traffic Links, HotLINKS and even Admin Emails, and much more.

  • Login Bonus Points Everyday when you Login you can earn from 500-2000 Points by clicking on the Bonus Login Points Banner right above the Navigation Menu in the Members Area. Member can also Purchase this for there own Promotions as well.

  • AdPirate Referral Program offers generous residual income and credits to our members who bring in new members.

Features At AdPirate

  • It's FREE - No explanation needed.

  • Credit Based - Encourages active membership. Ad readers are rewarded with credits for viewing your ads.

  • Referral Program - Rewards members with generous residual income and credits for bringing in new members.

  • Lottery Program - A large number of bonus credits are offered on randomly selected ads.

  • Member Controlled Credits - You select how many credits you wish to use and when.

  • Vacation Setting - Inbox filling up? You have the availability of turning your account off at any time. Turning it back on is simple.

  • HTML/Text - Get your readers attention with the use of graphics and colorful fonts (availability according to level of membership) when setting up Solos. You can now Setup Solos using HTML or Text.

  • Quality Visits - Through a system of checks and balances, AdPirate guarantees a high quality of visits. Members must remain on a site for a designated period of time to receive credits.

  • Banner Exchange - Display banners in front of every AdPirate member. The number of time banners are displayed is only limited by the number of credits in your account.

  • Active Readers - Your ads only go to active members. AdPirate has a sophisticated Bounce Management System which monitors dead email accounts.

  • Business Builder - You will find over 50 Programs you can Join here from our Business Builder. If you are Referring Members, and any of you Referrals Join any of these Programs, your Referral will be joining under you, as long as you have Updated your Referral Links here. Another PLUS here at AdPirate.

  • List Solos - Members can also send Solos to just the Members List Email Account. Just like Credit Emails, but will earn Members more Credits. Members receive Free List Solos each Month, depending on your Membership Level.

  • Solos - Members can also send Solos to just the Members Contact Email Account. Just like Credit Emails, but will earn Members more Credits. Members receive Free Solos each Month, depending on your Membership Level.

  • Text/HTML Ads - For the First Time, just like on many Text Ad Exchanges you can now Setup and View Text and HTML Ads. This is one of the most effective and least expensive ways of Advertising you will find.

  • Traffic Links - Just like on many Text Ad Exchanges you can Post and Earn Credits using Traffic Links here at AdPirate. This is a NEW and Unique Feature that is only available at AdPirate.

  • HotLINKS - Another Feature you will find on many Text Ad Exchanges are HotLINKS, which are Text Links under all Banners here at AdPirate. These have been very popular and the Response Rate as been very good.

  • SuperSOLOS - You can send a Solo to not just Members here at Dynamite Safelist but to 9 Text Ad Exchanges and 3 Safelists including AdPirate with a combined Network of over 25,000 Members. If you need to get the word out fast, and to one of the Largest Network of Sites, then you can Setup a SuperSOLO here at AdPirate.

  • PTC Ads - Just like on many Text Ad Exchanges, you can Setup and View PTC Ads that will Earn you Cash for Viewing. These work just like Traffic Links, where you must view the Ad, once completed, your Earnings will be added to your Commission Account here at AdPirate.

  • SoloBUCK$ - Instead of Earning Credits for Viewing Solos, you can Earn Cash for Viewing SoloBUCK$. These are Setup and Sent just like any other Solo, but once you have Viewd a SoloBUCK$ your Earnings will be added to your Commission Account here at AdPirate.

  • DailySOLOS - Setup a Solo Campaign now with a DailySOLO. You now can setup a Solo called DailySOLO that can be sent for 3, 7 or 30 Consecutive Days all at One-Time. Tired of setting up that Same Solo Day After Day, then Setup a DailySOLO.

  • Monthly Ads - ALL Membership Levels here at AdPirate Safelist includes Monthly Ad Credits. Membership has it's Rewards! The Higher your Membership will determine how many Monthly Ad Credits you will receive on the 1st of Each Month.

Join for FREE and check out the features above for Yourself!


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